We Are Green!

Well, not literally, but figuratively! From the outside looking in, the automotive industry might seem like the most sanitary job out there, however, we are a new generation of automotive repair and service with the environment and our carbon footprint at the forefront of the service that we provide. We take care of cars! Our goal is to make sure every car in the world is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible; items such as O2 sensors, catalytic converters, and check engine lights are usually associated with poor or rough running conditions. We want to fix that.

Did you know?

Maintaining the car that you already own is actually the best thing that you can do for the environment. While most newer cars and the electric car market are marketed as environmentally pleasant options, the carbon footprint impact accompanied by purchasing a new car every few years is far greater than what it would be if you kept the car that you currently have healthy and happy. New cars require an immense amount of resources! Beyond that, new cars STILL need maintenance, service and repairs (even electric cars)! Help us reduce our carbon footprint and let’s keep that car of yours on the road.

We Recycle…

Now of course we recycle our in-house trash from our lunch meetings, but we also recycle a ton of other things here.

We Recycle… Old parts and components that are removed from vehicles. Nearly every old part from your car has its own specific place to be recycled. Metals (suspension and steering components), used oil and oil filters, and a variety of other components are responsibly disposed of are locally recycled.

We Recycle… Rags and towels. Microfibers used for detailing, and thicker rags that are used for dirt, oil, and grime, are all separated, washed, and re-used until their time for disposal comes.

We Recycle… Water! We built our own “3-Way-Reverse-Osmosis” in-house water filtration system that we use for our drinking water, the water we use with coolant, and even onto the water that we use when we wash and detail our customers’ cars. When we wash a car, all of the excess and run-off water that we use gets recycled once more and used to water our plants! Speaking of landscaping, we removed all of the grass from our landscaping and went with the desert themed-cactus and gravel in order to save water.

A few other things that we are proud of…

We do everything digital. Your inspections and estimates are sent to your phone or email and we go from there. The paperless experience is the way to go!

Energy efficiency is essential. When it comes to in-house power, things like our lights, fans, and tools have all been converted to use less energy and be more efficient.

Our loaner car fleet! We bought super fuel efficient Honda Fit loaner cars for our customers to use while their cars are in for service. We also use our own in-house shuttle and carpool service used for picking up and dropping off our customers. As for our employees, most of us live within a few mile radius of the shop, we often ride our bicycles to work and even carpool!

There are a few chemicals that we are exposed to that are not any good for the environment. AC systems and evacuating free-on being one of them. Releasing free-on into the air can result in a massive fine and is not good for the environment. By taking your car to a trusted source, we can take care of matters like this in a safe and responsible manner.

You can help us do our part in making this world a better place.

Maintaining that car that you already own versus buying a new one is a great place to start.