Car Cooling System Repair in Oceanside, CA

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Did you know: The average automobile produces enough heat going 60 MPH on the freeway to heat two 2,700 square foot homes?! This is produced by the engine’s internal combustion process which can reach up to 4,000 degrees fahrenheit!

But that’s not ideal. An engine should run at around 200 degrees fahrenheit. This is controlled by your cooling system. Too hot and the engine may overheat during the combustion process and the engine oil will not be viscous enough. Too cold and the engine components wear faster and your vehicle pollutes more.


There are two types of cooling systems liquid cooling and air cooling.

With liquid cooling, cool water and antifreeze passes through pipes and hoses. It then passes into the engine and cylinder head through heat exchangers, then the radiator whereby fluid is transferred to air through an exchanger.

Air cooling is seldom used in modern cars. In some older cars, you may have seen fins covering the engine block. These fins are made out of aluminum that conducts the heat and moves it away from the engine. A fan, operating over the fins, blows the air away from the engine.


Engine overheating is one of the most common problems car owners encounter, usually due to a faulty radiator. You can avoid this by adding a water/coolant mixture (40/60) to your radiator on a hot day while the engine is cold. If you notice a problem with a particular part in your cooling system, consult Oceanside Motorsports in Oceanside, Ca. We can diagnose, and if need be, repair the cooling system before more damage is done. We also replace water pumps, freeze plugs, hoses, heater cores, head gaskets, fan clutches and radiator fans.