After Hours Resources

Oceanside Motorsports After Hours Resources

Here at Oceanside Motorsports, we are happy to offer you an after-hours towing service available at the number above. You are welcome to drop off your vehicle in our parking lot outside of our normal shop hours and we will get to it first thing the following business day. 

Here’s how our after-hours vehicle drop-off works:

1. Towing: Contact the towing company at this phone number (760) 456-8885 and they will be sure to pick you and your vehicle up and drop you off at our store.

2. Security: Ensure that you park the vehicle in a safe and well-lit area. Make sure the vehicle is locked securely, and do not leave any valuable personal belongings or other items unattended.

3. Drop-off Documentation: Please leave your vehicle’s key in an envelope and drop it into the mail slot of our office’s front door. Include in or on that envelope your information such as vehicle make, model and year as well as your first and last name and contact information.

4. Confirmation: We will contact you the following business day to confirm the drop off of your vehicle and go forward assessing what service may need to be done to it.