Auto AC Repair Services in Oceanside, CA

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We don’t need to tell you how necessary it is to have a working AC, but we can tell you that we are here to help get your AC in proper working condition once again.

The main function of the air conditioner in your car is to cool the air that is coming into your passenger compartment using 3 main parts: the condenser, evaporator, and compressor.

Detecting damage or leaks to the A/C system of your vehicle sooner rather than later can save you both time and money, keeping you and everyone in your car cool and worry-free.

If the Air Conditioning on your car is no longer blowing cold like it used to, this could indicate a leak or other issues with the AC. In most cases, the AC on your car can be restored by simply evacuating the old refrigerant out of the system and restoring the system with fresh refrigerant, and then recharging the system.

If the AC in your car is taking longer than usual to blow cold air out, this could indicate a problem with your vehicle’s EVAP system or that it simply needs to be recharged.

Your car’s air-conditioning is all part of a pressurized system and things such as a slow leak in the EVAP system, part failures, and low levels of refrigerant can all be to blame for the reason that your Air Conditioning isn’t cooling properly.

When we do our AC service in Oceanside, CA, 92058, we test the whole system for leaks before refilling the system – if your AC is leaking or not blowing cold, we can fix it!