Time Saver Service


Did you know that the average person uses 1.5 hours out of their day while taking their car in for service? We know how vital the concept of time is, and that’s why we want to consume as little of your time as possible.

With our Time Saver Service, we are taking on the time so you don’t have to. Between the time it takes you to drive to Oceanside Motorsports, leave your car, take our free shuttle ride home, and then repeat this when your car is ready – we are going to do all of this for you.

  • We pick up your car
  • We service your car
  • We wash you car
  • We deliver your car
  • You do you

This is our super cool service where all you need to do is confirm your appointment, we will drive to your home or work place, pick up your car, and complete our process. While your vehicle is here we will take care of our free vehicle health inspection, take care of any necessary services, and then return your car nice and clean after our courtesy wash. This process has worked great for our BMW Service, Audi Service, MINI Service and more! Leaves loaner if needed, Lifetime oil service, schedule ahead of time, etc.

While our goal is to always serve to the best of our abilities, there are a few limitations that we have in place in order to ensure that you receive the best experience possible with our Time Saver Service. Broken cars, warning lights, any concerns of damaging the car by driving it, driveability concerns, and far distance are all factors that we take into consideration with our Time Saver Service. If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms, please give us a call, or visit https://oceansidemotorsports.com/appointments for a better option for bringing your vehicle in 🙂 We reserve this for our Auto Repair customers that are local to Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista – contact us to see if you are within range.

Our goal with this service is to change the whole experience of having your car serviced. Ready to get started? Let’s see how much time we can save you on your next visit!

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