Why is my BMW smoking?

“A question we often hear being asked is “Why is my BMW smoking?” Unfortunately, there is usually not a clear answer off of the start and it’s something that may require a closer look. A BMW may smoke for many reasons, be various colors, and come from different areas of your car. If your car is smoking, it could be either internally or externally. If you have an internal leak, the valve stem seals may be the culprit or a possible head gasket malfunction is present. We have also had a few situations where a bad crankcase vent valve has caused a BMW to release a lot of smoke. An external oil leak could consist of something like a bad valve cover gasket which could allow oil to drip down onto your hot exhaust and then burn off, which would result in a bit of smoke. If you have a turbocharged engine, the turbocharger may be collecting engine oil. The oil can collect internal to the turbo and then seep past the seals and into the exhaust. Once the oil burns off with the hot exhaust, it will start to release smoke. If your BMW is smoking when you start it, or if your BMW is smoking when you drive it, we recommend having it inspected immediately to avoid any further damages to your car’s important components!”