Why Doesn’t My Car AC Work?

Why Doesn’t My Car A/C Work?

Does the Air-Conditioning on your Car on longer work as good as it used to? Does it blow air out of one vent but not the other vent? Is there hot air coming from your car’s Air-Conditioning system? These are all A/C Problems indicating that it is time to perform an A/C Service on your car! The Air-Conditioning in your car is something that needs to be refreshed and serviced from time to time. Typically, we only think about our car AC during the summer months, even though they get used year round in San Diego California.

Symptoms Of Leaking Car A/C

If the Air-Conditioning system is leaking, there is a chance that you will notice symptoms of this either right away, or notice a gradual decline in the performance of your AC over time. A few symptoms of your car’s Air-Conditioning not working like it should would consist of warm air coming out of one or multiple vents, no air blowing out of the A/C, or the Air-Conditioning not seeming to work properly.

Various components are used to complete the A/C system on your car, all of which can fail over time. Things like a Leaking Schrader Valve, a failing A/C hose, a Bad A/C Compressor, or Broken Air-Conditioning Condenser can become compromised and cause the A/C on your car to not work as efficiently as it used to. The most common reason for the Air-Conditioning on your car to not work would be if the system is low on refrigerant. We test other various components of your cars’ Air Conditioning system such as an A/C compressor, AC condenser, and more! 

Car Air Conditioning Service

An AC service for a car involves removing all of the remaining refrigerant from the vehicle’s system, testing the system for leaks, and then replenishing the car with fresh refrigerant and oil. Within our AC Service, we test the system for leaks.

Where To Get Car Air-Conditioning Serviced?

We perform Automotive A/C Service in Oceanside, CA, 92058 and can make sure that your Air Conditioner is blowing cold air again! Some of our favorite cars to fix A/C on are BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, and more! Our Air-Conditioning service involves removing all of the old refrigerant from the car, testing the system for leaks, and then restoring the system with fresh refrigerant followed by a temperature check to ensure that the system is working properly and blowing nice and ice cold again!


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