Why My BMW Shakes?


Written by Megan

There are so many reasons why your BMW shakes, pulsates, and vibrates! It’s important to first identify what it is exactly that you’re feeling. You may find the car pulsating while braking, which could indicate warped rotors. You may find the car shaking when driving at highway speeds, which can indicate that one or more of the wheels is/are off balance. Loose or disconnected hoses can cause small vacuum leaks which may lead to the car vibrating as well. Engine mounts being collapsed are also a common culprit of a vehicle that vibrates.


Sometimes we might notice the shaking is accompanied by a check engine light. Few things are more dreadful than seeing that cute little illuminated engine on your dash, or in some cases you’ll see the “service engine soon” light.

In a more serious case, and also the most common case, the shaking accompanied by the check engine light can indicate a misfire that replacing spark plugs or ignition coils can solve. Anytime a misfire is caused, this causes a sort of imbalance in the motor which will then cause the motor to shake or vibrate, and over time this can cause damage to the engine as well as the catalytic converters

Go to your local independent BMW specialist to have them diagnose why your BMW is shaking!