Why Does My Blinker Blink Fast?

Why Does My Blinker Blink Fast?

If the blinker on your car is suddenly blinking faster than normal, this could indicate that there is an issue with the turning indicators on your vehicle. Typically, if your blinker is blinking fast, this means that one of the blinkers on your car is out or not working at all. 

Another term for this can be called ‘hyper blink’ which is basically what happens when either your front or rear blinker lights have stopped working.

Listen to Your Blinkers

The first thing you will notice is a change in sound coming from your blinkers. A normal blinker will have a sound associated with a light that will blink at a rate of about once every second; if your blinker is blinking faster than normal, your blinker will blink and make its blinking sound twice as fast as usual

Your turning signal will start to blink faster than normal when one of your indicator lights or bulbs have been damaged, broken, or gone out completely. This can also happen if one of the wires going to your blinkers has broken or been damaged

How To Fix It

How to fix a blinker that is blinking faster than normal? The best way to verify if your blinker has gone out is to turn on whatever turning signal is blinking faster than normal and take a look, or have a friend take a look at both the front and back of the car, all while checking to see if your blinkers are working properly. 

Once you have identified the blinker that is not working, you can then inspect for further damage. Most cars have headlights with turning signal bulbs that are easily accessible through the engine bay and trunk of the car. If the turning signal bulbs are still in good condition, this could indicate that there is another issue within the system and can be the result of a blown fuse, broken wire, or something else within the vehicle’s electrical system.

If the blinker on your car has started to blink faster than normal and you don’t know why and if you are not comfortable with taking a look and fixing this on your own, it would be a great idea to contact a repair shop nearby for help. 

Repair and Maintenance at Oceanside Motorsports

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Here at Oceanside Motorsports, we can find out what’s wrong with our diagnostic testing to ensure you’re only spending money on what needs to be fixed. We can take a look and fix these blinker problems within our free vehicle health inspections in most instances. We are located in Oceanside, CA, 92058 and specialize in BMW, Audi, and MINI services. 

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