Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Noisy Brakes, Brake pads, Brakes Squeaking in Carlsbad, CAThere are a number of things that can lead to squeaking, squealing, or noisy brakes, but we have found a common cause for brakes squeaking to be the usage of low quality or incorrect brake components. The compounds and metals that make up your brake pads and rotors must be capable of handling the repeated abuse and heating up and cooling down of your brake pads and rotors. If your pads and rotors are not of a higher quality, over time those compounds will begin to break down and rub against each other and result in noise.

The noises that you may hear coming from your brakes can actually be micro-vibrations coming from the metal to metal contact of your braking components. The micro-vibrations occur at a very high frequency and this is what can result in a high pitched squeal or a squeak while coming to a stop or hitting the brakes.

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