What is a Valve Cover?

A Valve Cover sits on your engine that encapsulates the cylinder head on your engine. Put simply, it covers the top of your engine and conceals your valves while preventing them from spewing oil all over your engine bay. In some models, a crankcase vent valve will be situated within the valve cover itself.

Valve Cover Types

Plastic Valve Cover BMW F80Magnesium Valve Cover Repalcement BMW E36 325isAluminum Valve Cover

There are a few different types of valve covers that consist of different materials. There are valve covers composed of metal (both aluminum and magnesium), and many newer cars have valve covers that are plastic.


Valve Cover Issues

Audi Engine Bay Valve Cover Replacement RS

Over time, the mating surface of a valve cover can become compromised and no longer seal as properly as it should. When this happens, we recommend replacing the valve cover and valve cover gasket at the same time. Magnesium valve covers typically do not hold up over time as well as Aluminum and Plastic valve covers. Also, cars that have built in crankcase vent valves are known to require valve cover replacement due to the crankcase vent valves going bad.