What happens if I don’t change my oil?

What happens if I don’t change my oil?

Regular oil changes are a fundamental aspect of car maintenance that many drivers tend to overlook or delay. It’s easy to put off that trip to the mechanic, especially when your vehicle seems to be running just fine. However, neglecting to change your car’s oil can have serious consequences that could result in costly repairs and even reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. 

As a best practice, we recommend a BMW and Audi Oil Service every 5,000 miles for Turbocharged cars, and 7,500 miles for cars with no turbos.

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of regular oil changes and what happens if you don’t change your oil as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

1. Reduced Engine Performance 

One of the primary functions of engine oil is to lubricate the various moving parts within your car’s engine. Over time, the oil can become contaminated with dirt and debris, causing it to lose its lubricating properties. When the engine lacks proper lubrication, it can lead to increased friction, heat, and wear on critical components, resulting in reduced engine performance. Your car may feel sluggish, less responsive, and may even produce unusual noises.

2. Increased Fuel Consumption 

A well-lubricated engine operates more efficiently, which means it uses less fuel to perform the same tasks. When your engine is starved of fresh, clean oil, it has to work harder to overcome the added friction and resistance. This increased workload can lead to higher fuel consumption, costing you more at the pump over time.

3. Overheating and Engine Damage

Engine oil also plays a crucial role in regulating temperature. It helps dissipate heat from the engine, preventing it from overheating. Without proper lubrication, the engine can get excessively hot, potentially causing damage to critical components like the pistons, cylinders, and camshafts. Over time, overheating can lead to catastrophic engine failure, requiring expensive repairs or even a complete engine replacement.

4. Sludge Buildup

As oil ages and becomes contaminated, it can turn into a thick, sludgy substance that clogs the engine’s passageways. This sludge buildup can restrict oil flow and prevent it from reaching the parts that need lubrication. As a result, your engine is more prone to damage and increased wear.

5. Decreased Longevity 

A well-maintained engine with clean oil can last significantly longer than one that’s neglected. Over time, if you consistently skip oil changes, you’re essentially shortening your car’s lifespan. Engines are designed to operate efficiently with proper lubrication and cooling, so neglecting these fundamental maintenance tasks can lead to premature engine failure.

6. Costly Repairs

While skipping oil changes may save you a few bucks in the short term, it can lead to significant repair bills down the road. When your engine becomes damaged due to insufficient lubrication or overheating, you might find yourself facing costly repairs, such as replacing a damaged engine or repairing damaged components.

7. Warranty Voidance

If your car is still under warranty, neglecting regular maintenance, including oil changes, can void your warranty. Many automakers require proof of proper maintenance to honor their warranties, so it’s essential to keep up with your scheduled services.

8. Environmental Impact 

Neglecting oil changes can also have environmental consequences. Old, dirty oil can release harmful emissions and pollutants, contributing to air pollution. Proper disposal of used oil is crucial to protect the environment, and not changing your oil as needed can lead to irresponsible disposal practices.

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