What Does a Wheel Bearing do?

A wheel bearing is an important part of your car’s driveline that connects the axle to the wheel and tire. As your car drives down the road, the wheel bearing allows your wheels to spin without friction.

What Is a Wheel Bearing?

 A wheel bearing is held together by a metal ring and consists of metal balls that spin and allow the wheel on your car to spin as it should. A good wheel bearing keeps your wheel intact, a bad wheel bearing will allow your wheel to wobble. The wheel of your car connects to a hub, the hub connects to the axle and/or suspension. The wheel bearing is a metal sleeve with ball bearings on the inside that allows the wheel to connect to the hub, but still spin freely.

Can You Drive with A Bad Wheel Bearing?

 Short term, maybe. Long term, no! A bad wheel bearing will result in loud noises and can cause dangerous driving conditions. If you sense that you have a bad wheel bearing, the best thing to do is to find a Good Mechanic Nearby and have them take a look.

Wheel Bearing Sound

 A broken wheel bearing can make loud noises such as a grinding noise or a squealing sound coming from the tire area of a car. We have also been able to associate a loud road noise to failing wheel bearings often described as a whirling or rumble noise as you travel down the road.

What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Feel Like?

 If you aren’t hearing things, you might be feeling things! Bad Wheel Bearing can cause vibrations and a loose or sloppy feeling while driving your car. A faulty wheel bearing can also be felt with a ‘pulling’ feeling through the steering wheel as you drive down the road.

The longer that you ignore a failing wheel bearing, the more noise it may start to make. Not only will a bad wheel bearing cause premature tire wear, but it is in fact a serious safety concern that should be handled appropriately before any further damages can occur.

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