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Oceanside Auto Repair

You LOVE spreadsheets.

You LOVE organization. 

You get excited when you find inconsistencies and are able to fix even the smallest errors? 

You probably want to keep reading.


The automotive business is a bit chaotic and we need your sense of organization to balance out our team and manage everything behind the scenes.


The office manager does everything that involves paper, money, HR, bills, and tech stuff. Its a pretty demanding job that requires insane attention to detail and drive. Its very flexible for schedule and has the ability for some or all of the job to be done remotely.


You get a private office with as many organization tools as you need. We require precision from you but give you the freedom to work how you need to work.


The work required for this position is full time but we are extremely flexible with hours worked and days off. As you become more efficient in this role we can absolutely reduce days worked if that’s what you’re looking for. We'll be expanding soon so there's no limit to the work we need from you and your department will grow as our company does - advancement opportunities encouraged.


PLEASE don’t overthink this. If you’re still reading then you’re at least 1% interested in this role. Send us an email with your name and we’ll take the conversation from there. Send me a resume if you have it but we really just want to start the conversation and I don’t want you missing out on this opportunity because it takes you a year to finely tune your perfect resume and extensive background. Send the email.


To Apply

Due to the volume of calls and walk-ins we get with customers, please do not come by (we need you)! To be considered for the position, all we ask is that you email [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself and why you would be best fit for the position. We respond to EVERY SINGLE email you send to us.

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