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The state of California requires car owners to pass a smog inspection every two years on most original registrations and on any additional registration renewal. You should receive a notice from the DMV indicating when this test must be completed by. Oceanside Motorsports is a certified smog check station in Oceanside, Ca.

This test is good for 90 days to reinstate, complete or renew registration. Remember: it’s your responsibility when buying from third or private-party to attain a valid emissions test.


You do not need to pass an emissions test if you drive a diesel, electric powered, or hybrid vehicle; a motorcycle; trailers; or any gas powered vehicles over 14,000 lbs. or vehicles made before 1975.

Feel free to call Oceanside Motorsports in Oceanside, Ca to see if your vehicle requires a smog check.

Emission test failure

Call the Bureau of Automotive Repair at 1-800-952-5210 for further information. The State of California may be able to help you finance the repair needed to bring your vehicle up to code.

If you fail a smog check in San Diego, Ca, Oceanside Motorsports is prepared to diagnose any issues present with your emissions system including faulty catalytic converters to bring your up to code.

What is a catalytic converter?

On average, your car produces over five tons of CO2 every year. And that number would be exponentially larger without catalytic converters. As well as refinements to car engines and fuel systems, car manufacturers are required to add catalytic converters to their products in order to reduce the amount of harmful gases released from the exhaust system to meet federal and state emission standards. The catalytic converter was first introduced in 1975 and today reduces up to 40% of a vehicle’s pollutants by monitoring the exhaust stream and filtering out known noxious pollutants.

If your vehicle produces excessive smoke from its tailpipe and your “check engine light” is on, you may have an issue with your exhaust system, including its catalytic converters. Bring in your vehicle to Oceanside Motorsports to avoid further damage to your catalytic converters.

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