Mini Cooper Rattling Noise | Timing Chain

Are you hearing a weird rattling noise coming from your Mini Cooper? In this article we specifically address a ‘rattling noise’ that many Mini Cooper owners commonly complain about. This weird noise originates in the engine bay at the front of the vehicle. It often occurs more frequently at idle, lower speeds, and/or in colder weather. Could it be a timing chain issue?

MINI Copper Timing Chain

Rattling Noise, MINI Copper, Timing ChainA timing chain is what holds all the major internal engine components together and allows them to operate in synchronism. If your MINI Cooper’s engine is rattling, this could be a result of the timing chain. Unfortunately, the timing chain support rail is made of plastic, which over time can wear down and eventually break. As this support rail begins to wear, the timing chain stretches, and the infamous rattling noise begins. If you ignore the issue, the timing chain can break and cause detrimental damage to your engine.


Avoid Rattling Noise: Prevention is Key

The best way to prevent this failure is to check your oil level regularly to ensure that it never gets low, and perform frequent oil change services, using high quality oil.

If you are experiencing a weird rattling noise coming from your MINI, we would recommend contacting a BMW MINI Service Center Nearby. They can help identify if the weird noise coming from your MINI is a result of a worn timing chain. You can come see us at Oceanside Motorsports, the best MINI Cooper automotive repair experts in Oceanside, California. Give us a call today, we would be happy to help!