Love On The Ground

Love on the ground resource - Vanessa Graziano

We met Vanessa back in 2020 when she won our 2020 car giveaway. We had our trusty Mini Van to donate and she was recommended by MANY locals as the most in need. She won the giveaway because the purpose of the van would be most impactful to the community in her hands. She provides amazing support to people and families who are in need and without homes. The van is primarilly used to shuttle people to school, doctors appoitments, and between temporary housing.

We’re always listening when Vanessa has something we can help with. While deliverying dinner for a few families in 2023 we got to catch up with our trusty Honda Mini Van and it was still in AWESOME condition. It was being used by the family without their home and they were using the van during the day to run other people to their appointments.