Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning | (Walnut Shell Blasting)

What is intake valve carbon cleaning?Dirty Intake valve

Intake valve carbon cleaning also known as (Walnut shell blasting) is a service that is highly suggested for cars with direct injection. This would include all turbo charged and diesel cars. When we perform this service we use materials that are safe and make sure that everything is absolutely spotless when we are done.


Clean Intake Valve Walnut chell blastWhat do intake valves do?

Put simply, they open and close while your engine is running and help regulate the correct amount of air/fuel that is coming through the system. Over time these engines with direct injection leave behind carbon build up in your intake that eventually turns into a black sludgy substance that will stick to your intake valves and intake ports. Over time, all of that combustion taking place inside your engine for thousands of miles and years everytime you start up your car introduces corrosion in many places, one of which is your intake valves. Intake valve de-carboning clears out these passageways allowing more air to flow through. This can be an excellent way to regain some of your car’s lost performance and should drastically help improve your gas mileage, and help get more power out of your engine. We have had customers leave our shop and say that their car immediately felt more responsive afterwards.


The most commonly used method for de-carboning your intake valves is the Walnut Shell blast.

Walnut Shell Blasting 

Yes, it really uses walnut shells.

 The walnut shell blast is a method that is commonly used for performing a de-carbon intake valve cleaning. Why use walnut shells? They are hard enough to remove all the old carbon build up, but soft enough to not to damage any of the metals on the intake valves or ports themselves. The method uses a concept in which we are blasting little shells of walnuts at a high rate of speed into the intake ports and valves, while simultaneously using a vacuum to suck out the walnut shells and corrosion that breaks loose.


Our intake valve de-carboning method is the best. We don’t do the job quickly, leave any risk on the table or miss any carbon; we do this job until every intake valve and intake port are spotless. It is also important to note that the engine must be rotated as we move from intake valve to intake valve to make sure that each one is closed and sealed so that excess walnut shells do not end up in the car’s combustion chamber.


Pricing for this service varies depending on the vehicle. An intake usually sits on top of or on the side of your engine, so in order to clean the intake valves we first need to remove the entire intake manifold. The intake manifold must be removed from the car which can be more time consuming on some cars than others, and the number of cylinders that your engine has will reflect the overall price. While pricing can vary, so do the service intervals depending on the vehicle at hand.


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When we perform this service our clients receive before and after photos of the intake valves to show and help explain how significant of a difference this makes! If you are unsure if you need an intake valve de-carboning or a walnut shell blast, feel free to give us a call today and we would be happy to walk you through our process!


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