How to put your BMW into Neutral with a Dead Battery or No Key (Electronic Shifter)

How to put your BMW into Neutral with a Dead Battery or No Key (Electronic Shifter)

 It could be challenging to push a car without putting it in neutral if the battery is dead or the vehicle won’t start. There may be a number different approaches to doing this, depending on the type and year of your BMW. This method is limited to BMW vehicles that require us to override the Electronic Shifter. 

 Pulling up the Console/Boot around the Shifter

 In the event your car has a dead battery or can not start it may be hard to get the car onto a tow truck or push it without putting it into neutral. To do this you simply pull up the console/boot around the shifter and there is a little lever that has some red paint on it. Push that lever down to bypass the shifter lock and the car can be shifted into neutral to move the car.

This is most commonly found on BMW E90 series VIEW THIS METHOD HERE:  

bmw under Oceanside-motorsports-carlsbad-ca

BMW F30 series (2013 TO 2015) Manual Override Lever

 The second option is for BMW F30 series (2013-2015)  including various trims like the 325i, 328i, 330i, and 335i, and has a manual override lever on the side of the transmission that needs to be activated in order to put your BMW in neutral. In order to do this, we must first follow a few key steps. Make sure you have tried the first method of checking the shifter area for a release lever, if you are sure that there is nothing there, please proceed with this option.

 1. Safety First

Make sure your car is in a secure area and that the parking brake is applied. To avoid an accident, safely jack the automobile into the air so that you have room to slide beneath it. As a backup, use a second jack.

 2. Remove the Under Panel

Please take off the plastic from behind the body panel after the vehicle is in the air.

 3. Locate the Shifter Lever and Shift Lever Bolt 

Find the shifter lever and shift lever bolt on the side of this 2013 BMW 328i’s transmission as the under panel is removed.

 4. Shift lever bolt

The shifter lever bolt needs to be fully tightened because it is pressing against the metal shifter lever.

 5. Shift to neutral

Try shifting into neutral while maintaining pressure on the shift lock override. You should be able to move the automobile after it disengages the safety device.

 6. Tow the vehicle

If the vehicle still won’t go into neutral,have your car towed to a trustworthy mechanic nearby.

Speak With a Skilled Mechanic in Oceanside, CA

 After you’ve done these options, tow your car to Oceanside Motorsports so we can fix it. We guarantee most of our repairs for life. 

Check out our video for the tutorial on “How to put your BMW into Neutral with a Dead Battery or No Key (Electronic Shifter)” 


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