Grinding noise from rear wheel when driving

Recently, this 2008 BMW X5 owner came to us with a concern that there was a loud grinding noise coming from the car while attempting to drive it. The noise persisted when braking, but also while the vehicle was attempting to drive without the brake on.

Grinding noise from rear wheel


After receiving one of our free brake inspections nearby, our technician was able to determine that the loud noise was indeed coming from the rear wheel area of the vehicle, which ended up being directly related to the car’s emergency brake.



Part of the car’s e-brake system had either broken or come loose which allowed pieces of metal to become dislodged within the inside of the brake caliper. Since these pieces of metal were no longer in their original position, they were sticking out and rubbing against the metal rotor every time that the wheel was trying to rotate.

Grinding noise from rear wheel

In order to fix something like this, you would need to first remove the wheel, brake caliper, and brake rotor from the car. Once the brake rotor is removed, inspect any damages, and see where the issue lies. Typically, there will be loose pieces of metal that will fall out when you remove the rotor which would mean that they were loosely bouncing around inside the brake rotor. In some cases, the emergency brake shoe expands past its limit and once it overextends, it ultimately fails.


A few common reasons why this could happen would be due to a result of low-quality repair, incorrect parts, and even typical wear. Recommend removing the rear brakes to identify any additional damage to the components, parking brake shoe, drum and hardware likely required to fix the concern.

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