Employee Oil Change

Employee Oil Change - NEW Benefit in 2023!

You work hard providing AWESOME service on cars for our customers so when its time to service the oil in your car we turn the tables on you! You’re the customer and today’s visit is FREE.

When your personal vehicle is due for an oil service we roll out the red carpet and show you how its done from the customers point of view.

Here’s the rules – 

  • You are the customer and that’s it! 
    • If you’re a tech, another tech does the service
    • If you’re the service advisor, someone else advises you
    • If you’re the detailer, someone else washes your car
  • Every step of the process MUST be followed. You’re not special and you don’t get to skip the wash, inspection, or anything else. Its all or nothing.
  • Must be scheduled through our appointment scheduler (to get the full experience)
  • Maximum one employee oil change per week
  • This only applies to one of your cars, not your fleet, sorry.

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