FREE SERVICE – Corona Virus Covid-19 Car Prep

Your car may need some love after sitting for weeks at a time. Most of you haven’t been able to use your car as often as usual and it may need a special check up to make sure it’s ready to roll once life starts getting back to normal.

We offer this check-up for FREE and come to your house to perform it.

We will check the tire pressures, battery, charging system, scan for any codes, and monitor the car running to be sure there aren’t any issues before you start relying on it again. Of course we’ll disinfect the vehicle before and after the service and we’ll leave you with a bottle of the disinfectant to use as you please. If your battery needs a charge we’ll leave a trickle charger at your house to slowly revive the battery back to life.

We are going way outside our normal delivery area so if you or anyone you know could use a little car health check please let us know and we’ll be on our way!

Proudly Serving Oceanside Since 2010