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BMW Transmission Fluid Change Interval

We’ve found that by performing a transmission service on your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes at 50,000 miles we can prevent expensive transmission failures in the future. Our customers that perform this service on time rarely ever have an issue or have to replace a transmission. If the fluid service is not performed, the transmission may wear out and the “BMW transmission replacement cost” is over $6,000 to replace. We would like to avoid having to spend that money and have found it much more affordable to replace the fluid preventatively so it doesn’t lead to “BMW Transmission malfunction” or a “BMW transmission repair” The dealership calls the fluid a “BMW Lifetime transmission fluid”. Unfortunately this is somewhat misleading. See the attached letter from the company that manufactures the transmissions for BMW stating that they recommend the fluid to be changed as a normal mileage based service. Check out our video here about the specifics on why we recommend fresh fluid.


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