BMW F80 M3: Rear Differential Mounts Replacement

The BMW F80 M3 was made from 2014-2018 which featured an S55 engine which was a twin-turbocharged straight-6 configuration engine toting a torqy 425 horsepower. With all that power and fun, comes more stress on other parts of your car; one common area of failure that we have routinely encountered is with the rear differential mounts.


The Problem:

BMW F80 M3: Rear Differential Mount ReplacementThe factory setup on the F80 M3 consists of a single, offset rear differential bushing and mount that holds the differential to the rear subframe. The OEM factory mount is a rubber bushing that contains fluid on the inside. Over time these rubber mounts will begin to crack and once cracking has begun, it can spread throughout the mount and result in more serious problems. We have seen failure in these F80 M3 rear differential mounts typically in the 30,000-50,000 mile range.

Our solution:

Upgraded Rear differential Mount

The best solution that we have found to cure this common problem of rear differential mount failure is with Turner Motorsport’s, Dual Mount Differential Plate. We utilized this dual mount diff plate accompanied by two Urethane rear differential bushings off of a later model M3 (2018 and newer M3 models) for an OEM + feel that will be an overall great improvement without being too aggressive. Thankfully the rear subframe on the F80 M3 already has a second, empty hole that is the same size as the factory diff mount making it the perfect opportunity to add a second diff mount.

By replacing the old worn bushing and mount and adding a second diff mount, we are relieving a huge amount of stress on the factory setup, all while installing an overall better, longer lasting, high performance mount.OEM VS Turner Rear differential mount

In our opinion, this repair and upgrade is an absolute necessity for any F80 M3. If you are curious about the current condition of your rear differential mounts on your F80 M3, or any BMW for that matter we offer a free courtesy inspection for every car that enters our facilities.


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