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BMW E60 Repair Shop, Oil Leaks, Brake Repair, Thrust Arm Bushings, Transmission ServiceBMW E60 repair and maintenance on the  are very common for us to see in our shop. Whether it be for brake repair, oil leaks, or severe engine problems, we can fix it all! The BMW E60 was the designated title given to the 5-series that was produced by BMW from 2003-2010. The E60 was the name given for the 5-series sedan models, and the E61 was the title given for the wagon version of the same platform. In 2005 BMW introduced the E60 M5 model.

Over time we have found a few common issues associated with the BMW E60 models.

Oil Leak on a BMW E60

The BMW E60 is known to suffer from common oil leaks. The areas that we see oil leaks on these BMWs are the oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, and the oil filter housing.

Thrust Arm Bushings on BMW E60

Failed front thrust arm bushings are common on the BMW E60 and replacing these can make a huge difference on heavier cars like these. When we replace front thrust arm bushings, we install solid rubber that usually lasts longer than the OEM hydraulic fluid filled bushings. Over time the fluid can leak out of these bushings and result in a harsh ride due to the thrust arm bushings not providing the dampening that they normally should.

Transmission Service on BMW E60

It is common for a BMW E60 Transmission to not shift like it is supposed to. This happens when the transmission cannot achieve the pressures that it normally should. Over time, the fluid becomes too broken down to offer the performance and cleaning abilities that it should. Transmission issues can sometimes be resolved by a simple Transmission fluid flush.

Need BMW E60 Repair or Service?

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