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Why is my jaguar check engine light on?

Why is my jaguar check engine light on?

Sometimes, we just want to take a ride, relax in our car while listening to our favorite music. But then suddenly, you look down at your dashboard and see something you hoped you would never come across while owning a car. The “check engine” light is on. 

The check engine light can range from a small fixable problem to major irreparable damages. If you have a glowing check engine light, this could mean something less serious than what you fear. Here are 3 reasons as to why your check engine light is on. 

  • Your oxygen sensor needs a replacement.

Your oxygen sensor might have to be changed as a consequence of prolonged exposure to hot exhaust gas. The oxygen sensor feeds vital information about the air-fuel mixture to the ECU. A defective oxygen sensor can end up causing your Jaguar’s computer to provide too much or too little fuel to the engine. An engine with inadequate fuel risks overall engine failure, while an engine with excessive fuel produces excessive smoke and odor.

  • Your gas cap could be defective.

A common cause for your check engine light to turn on is because your gas cap is defective. Meaning, your gas cap can either be loose, damaged, or missing. The gas cap in your Jaguar is multipurpose. It keeps the gas fumes from escaping when you’re not driving, it seals the fuel system, and it also helps in keeping pressure in the fuel tank. So, what happens if you have a defective fuel cap? If you have a defective gas cap, you may lose a lot more fuel due to evaporation, resulting in more trips to the gas station. Luckily, you can replace your gas cap easily because it’s pretty cheap. If your Jaguar’s check engine light is on after putting gas, the first thing that you should check is if your cap isn’t loose.

  • You may have a faulty mass airflow sensor.

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor may fail when exposed to dirty as well as particle-rich air. The MAF sensor, like the oxygen sensors, measures the amount of air entering the engine and aids in maintaining the proper air-fuel mixture. A defective MAF sensor can cause your engine to malfunction, resulting in poor fuel economy, performance, and potentially additional engine damage.

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