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Why Is My Car Not Starting?

One thing that can simply put a stop to your day is car-starting troubles. You turn your key or press the start button, and you get no response. You might sit there in panic or talk yourself through all the things that could have gone wrong. Many things can cause starting problems, including electrical system failures.  Let us help you stop your stressing by evaluating these three electrical components:


When a vehicle doesn't start, this is probably the first place that most people will look. A drained battery can be caused by accidentally leaving your lights on or leaving the key in your ignition. Or sometimes it can simply mean your car battery is old. You may be able to revive the battery with jumper cables. We can test your car battery at our auto repair shop to see whether it is the issue.


If jumpstarting the battery isn’t helping you out, it might be the starter. In simple terms, this component is responsible for delivering power from the battery to the engine. At Oceanside Motorsports, we can check whether the starter relay or starter motor is the problem.


If your vehicle can start, but then immediately dies, then you most likely have an alternator problem. This piece is responsible for recharging your car battery and powering many car accessories. If you notice certain parts of your vehicle malfunctioning, like the radio, lights, or windshield wipers, it is clear that your alternator needs repairs.

All three of these parts can weaken and require repairs over time. At our auto repair shop, we try to make auto repairs simple and easy for you to understand. More importantly, we want to eliminate the hassle of your starting problem. 

If you need help diagnosing your starting problems, please get in touch with the professional team at Oceanside Motorsports.

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