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Why does my Volvo shake when I accelerate?


Why does my Volvo shake when I accelerate?

When you accelerate, does your car tremble? Did you think that the shaking was a normal element of the car that you would just have to get used to? Vehicles frequently shake when accelerating, although this issue may be fixed. In fact, if the shaking is not repaired, even this straightforward, typical issue may be a clue that a more serious, expensive issue is about to arise.

  • Broken inner CV joints

Your car will vibrate when accelerating strongly if the inner CV joint at the end of the axle is damaged. This issue can be resolved by replacing the damaged CV joints.

  • Vacuum Hose is Torn or Disconnected

If your vehicle's suction hose is severed or ripped, it may shake violently when you accelerate. It is necessary to check the hose for even the smallest tears or disconnections. Little clamps can be used to rejoin disconnected vacuum lines. Stronger silicon vacuum hoses can be used to replace the entire vacuum pipe, which will solve the issue and reduce the likelihood that it will occur again.

  • Motor mounts are damaged

Excessive engine vibrations are a certain indicator of broken motor mounts. The vibration will get worse as the issue gets worse. When one of the motor mounts is compromised, the remaining mounts are put under more stress, which might hasten the upcoming deterioration of other engine components.

  • Unbalanced tires

Unbalanced wheels, particularly when the steering wheel shakes or rattles, are the main cause of vibration in Volvo vehicles when traveling at high speeds. The vibration is usually most noticeable at the steering wheel when only the front wheels are out of balance. The entire body of the car will vibrate if the back wheels are out of balance.

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