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Why does my Volvo burn oil?

Why does my Volvo burn oil?

For maintaining performance, dependability, and longevity, all cars need to be maintained to the same standard. Maintaining the quantity and quality of engine oil is a part of routine vehicle maintenance. Given that they provide comfort, convenience, and practicality in addition to being regarded as a luxury automobile, Volvos are exceptional in the performance sector. Although Volvos are very dependable cars that deliver in performance and last a lifetime, they still experience problems like every other car.

Most Volvo XC60 and XC90 owners who are complaining of dry dipsticks and repeated oil alerts are victims of the Volvo oil consumption problem. If your Volvo is consuming too much oil, the situation should not be taken lightly.

  • Blown head gasket

Blue exhaust emissions may also be caused by a blown head gasket. Oil leaks that penetrate the engine's combustion chamber cause blue vapors, which show that the engine is burning the oil. This smoke is exceedingly dense and dangerous for both human health and the environment.

  • Faulty cylinder head gasket

The oil galleries in the engine block and head are sealed by cylinder head gaskets, allowing circulation without spilling oil or coolant within or outside the engine. Oil can spill into the cylinders directly if the head gasket leaks.

  • Worn out piston rings

Your car is probably aging if it is burning oil. The piston rings are probably no longer able to seal tightly against the cylinder wall due to wear or getting trapped in their grooves over time. The tiny gap that has formed between the ring and cylinder wall allows oil to enter the combustion chamber and burn.

  • Dirty or ill-placed oil filters

Your car might be burning fuel or oil if you notice brown or black smoke coming from the pipe. You might be able to tell right away that an oil filter clog is the root of the exhaust because of how strongly burnt oil smells.

Your Volvo needs regular oil changes to function correctly, so as soon as you see that she's consuming excessive amounts, you should take her to a Volvo expert who can identify the problem.

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