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Why does my Volkswagen say inspection now?

Most people understand that when one‘s Volkswagen says "Inspection Now," they should take it in for a service. What should they do if their car begins to say this? Is there anything that could be done to avoid the problem in the first place? In this article, we'll look into some of these issues and offer some answers.

  • It may just be a friendly reminder by the car manufacturer.

According to Volkswagen, you should have your car inspected once every 12 months or 320,000 kilometers, whichever condition comes first. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather and climate or a lot of stop-and-go traffic, you may need to bring your VW in more often. Regular oil changes are one of the finest methods to keep your car in top operating condition. You can avoid wear and strain and ensure that your engine is properly oiled. Make sure you replace your oil at least once a year even if you don't drive much.

  • It’s time for your car’s routine inspection.

Your Volkswagen may be displaying the "Inspection Now" notice for a number of reasons. One common reason is simply that it's time for your routine inspection. Another possibility is that the message is a reminder for you to get your car checked out because it has been driven a lot recently. Additionally, if there was an issue with your most recent inspection or if your car was involved in an accident, you might see this notification. Bring your vehicle to a Volkswagen dealership in case you're unsure of why it says "Inspection Now."

  • If it’s a new car, the dealer might have failed to properly reset the service interval.

This is a simple fix; simply return your vehicle to the dealer, and they will reset the service interval for you. You can attempt to reset this message on your own. Turn the ignition on while pressing and holding the "reset" button.

While the "Inspection Now" message does not necessarily indicate a serious problem, it should not be ignored. When it says "Inspection Now," it's important to get your Volkswagen inspected because it's a warning that it's time for your routine check, which keeps your vehicle running smoothly and safely. If you do not have your Volkswagen thoroughly checked, you may endanger yourself and others. So, take it to the Volkswagen repair center as quickly as possible. For over 12 years, Oceanside Motorsports has been an Oceanside staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Oceanside, CA that specializes in top-notch scheduled service and preventive maintenance. With our Time Saver Service, we can get your car and deliver it to your doorstep once fixed. You can also have our free loaner car while your car is serviced. You'll get used to expecting quick, simple, and dependable auto repairs from Oceanside Motorsports!


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