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Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

Does the steering wheel in your car shake or vibrate while you drive down the road? This could be happening for several reasons. If your steering wheel is shaking while driving it means that an important part of your vehicle is broken, out of alignment, or out of balance. Over time, as you drive down the road common wear items will begin to slowly deteriorate and eventually fail completely. Here are a few common answers for the question, “Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?”

Steering component failure

Tie rods and ball joints are common wear items that can and will go bad on your vehicle over time. Since these items typically contain rubber components, once the rubber begins to fail your car can begin to shake or shudder while you drive and can be felt through the steering wheel.

Suspension Failure

Worn suspension components can also cause steering wheel shake such as control arms, thrust arms, bushings, and a variety of other parts.

Other possibilities include worn or cupping of the tires, bent wheel or wheels, driveshaft wear, broken motor mounts, or other issues with your vehicle’s brakes.

Lastly, if you have a steering wheel shake, you might need an alignment! After covering thousands of miles, your car’s steering components can adjust and shift leaving a less than ideal driving setup. An alignment correction can do wonders for your vehicle’s driving experience.

Get Help

If you find yourself asking the same question of Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake? Contact a trustworthy auto repair shop nearby for help. We perform alignments for all cars and we can specialize in fixing steering wheel shake.

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