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Why does my range rover say, “service required”?

Why does my range rover say, “service required”?

If you see “service required” on your Range Rover’s dashboard, this literally means that your car needs to be serviced. The mileage and time calculations from the Engine Control Module are used to make these recommendations. The Engine Control Module in your Range Rover monitors fuel consumption to estimate engine oil wear. 

Here are some of the reasons why your Range Rover displayed “service required”:

  • Your engine might have premature oil dilution.

Premature oil dilution is most commonly caused by excess diesel finding its way into the sump and diluting the engine oil. The engine oil quality sensor detects this immediately and displays a "Service Required" warning on the dashboard. The "ultra-clean" Ingenium engine's diesel particulate filter is the root cause of this fault (DPF).

  • You might need an oil change.

Land Rover has programmed your Range Rover to display this message for no more than 4 seconds per ignition cycle. One of the most important tasks that a Land Rover owner must perform is oil change. Your engine's oil lubricates, cools, as well as cleans it. When oil becomes dirty or polluted with microscopic metal particles, it ceases to perform its essential functions. As a result, the engine is damaged or the car will not start.

If you don't change your car's oil on a regular basis, leaks will form and your vehicle might not be able to power up or deliver peak efficiency as quickly as it used to. And if there is insufficient oil, the vehicle will not work smoothly and may even be dangerous. It is critical to maintain oil levels and monitor engine oil condition in order to ensure that your Land Rover runs smoothly.

To put this in layman’s terms, your Range Rover presenting the “service required” message means that you should manage your Range Rover’s service as soon as possible.

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