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Why does my range rover keep saying low coolant?

Why does my range rover keep saying low coolant?

The low coolant message on your dashboard is one message that no vehicle owner should ignore. This message necessitates a quick exit from the freeway to investigate. 

  • Your coolant might be leaking.

Pull over and turn the engine off for your own good. Remove the hood. Is there any steam or the sweet smell of coolant/anti-freeze? These are two indications that your coolant is leaking. DO NOT take any risks if you smell coolant or see steam! Tow your Land Rover to a service station near you for a cooling system pressure test.

  • You might just have a faulty sensor in your coolant tank.

Your low coolant message in your Range Rover may appear on the instrument cluster at times. To repair a faulty level sensor, you must replace the coolant tank. A very rare possibility is that the engine connection harness is shorted or has a loose connection linked to the coolant level sensor wires.

  • You might have a blown head gasket.

A blown head gasket is a very common and not particularly humorous thing that can occur when your engine overheats because of low engine coolant. The head gasket is in charge of sealing the combustion process in the engine chamber. It allows coolant and oil to flow through the system without combining. This seal allows the combustion process to continue uninterrupted in order to generate the necessary power for propulsion, while toxic emissions are aimed directly out through the exhaust as directed. When a head gasket fails, a milky, sludge-like substance forms on the oil filler cap or dipstick. It has the appearance of a milkshake and occurs as a result of coolant leaking into the oil or vice versa. The head gasket is located between the engine head and the cylinder head and serves to keep compression, oil, and coolant separate. Trying to replace the head gasket is frequently extremely expensive, with repair costs exceeding $1,000.

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