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Why does my Mini Cooper shake?

Why does my Mini cooper shake?

Some concern should be expressed if there are any unexpected shaking or vibrating forces originating from the engine. It might be something as easy as worn or damaged engine mounts, something major like internal engine damage, or something simple like outdated spark plugs generating inconsistent power delivery.

Here would be some reasons as to why this would occur in your vehicle:

  • Your spark plugs may be old and worn

Old and/or worn spark plugs are the most common issue when your Mini Cooper starts to shake. This is due to the spark plugs delivering power unequally, causing either engine knock (term for a general, but unusual sound from the engine) or for the whole car to shake. To diagnose the issue, go to a shop and get your engine looked at.

  • Your air filters are probably clogged or dirty

Dirty or clogged air filters cause a car’s engine to underperform. Since car engines need a mixture of air and gasoline, car engines come with an intake to ensure that air enters the combustion chamber. Again, to be sure, get your engine checked by a professional mechanic in order to take proper action and to fix the issue.

  • You may have warped brake rotors.

When you push the foot brake, the brake rotors and pads cooperate to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the brake pad vise grips the rotor and brings your vehicle to a complete stop. Warped brake rotors are a common cause of braking quavering. Brake rotors and brake pads work together to keep the wheels from rotating, but they wear out over time. Because these thin rotors lack the strength to keep your brake pads in place, they will slip when you brake, causing that trembling or shaking sensation.

  • Your radiator fan might be broken or loose.

If the vibration occurs while driving and keeps going when the vehicle is stopped with the engine running, or there is loud sound when the car shakes, the engine and transmission become the problem-solving focus. When a fan is broken, it is usually out of balance and causes a visible vibration when it rotates. Most Mini Coopers, however, have electrically functioning radiator fans that only turn on when the coolant temperature exceeds a certain threshold.

Once you've determined the source of your vibration issues, it may be time to have it inspected by a reputable mechanic. They'll get to the bottom of the problem quickly thanks to their expertise. 

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