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Why does my Mini cooper S burn oil?

Why does my Mini cooper S burn oil?

It's likely that you will need to do this service at some point, whether you purchased your MINI brand-new or used. Of course, we're referring to the PCV diaphragm and valve cover, which together are a MINI owner's worst nightmare. While you could assume the turbocharger or the piston rings are to blame for the oil consumption, the real problem is probably a blocked PCV diaphragm and/or a damaged valve cover.

  • Damaged valve cover

Oil that seeps onto the cylinder head from the valve cover has the potential to move down the engine block and onto the exhaust manifold. Due to the heat of the engine, this means that the oil typically evaporates fast, removing any signs of an oil leak. You won't know where the leak is coming from; all you'll notice is the smell of burning oil.

  • Bad PCV Diaphragm

If your engine is burning oil, pray that a faulty PCV valve is to blame. When the PCV valve malfunctions, oil may start being sucked into the engine and burned there instead of allowing air to leave the crankcase when the pressure inside increases.

  • Worn out piston rings

Your car is most likely deteriorating if it is burning oil. The piston rings are probably no longer capable of tightly sealing against the cylinder wall because they have worn out or grown trapped in their grooves over time. Oil is able to burn inside the combustion chamber because of the little gap that has developed between the ring and cylinder wall.

  • Incorrect oil viscosity

Engine oils with lower viscosity grades become thinner and lose their stability in hot weather. When oil is no longer stable, it is unable to adequately lubricate the moving elements of the engine, which causes increased friction, engine overheating, and the "burning" smell.’

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