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Why does my Mini cooper fan stay on?

Why does my Mini cooper fan stay on?

Mini Cooper fans are meant to boost the circulation of air around the radiator to ensure the engine cooling system is well cooled. By forcing fresh air into the radiator, the tiny copper fans should hasten the cooling process. Why does the Mini Cooper fan continue to run after the engine is turned off? The solution is straightforward: either the cooling system or the fan are malfunctioning.

Need more answers? Here are some other reasons as to why your fan stays on:

  • You might need to check the coolant expansion tank

Check to see if the low-speed fan is broken, if necessary. If it is broken, the high-speed fan will need to turn on at a high temperature and will continue to run even after parking since it does not turn on when it should. There are a few things to check to determine the problem since your Mini Cooper may be low on coolant. The coolant expansion tank failing is the most frequent cause. This issue is simple to resolve and is a relatively cheap repair.

  • You should try checking the thermostat housing too   

​​The thermostat housing's plastic construction is prone to warping, which can cause coolant leaks. The thermostat could also need to be repaired or replaced. Take caution as you inspect the coolant hoses to look for leaks. Because the ends may be starting to grow a little brittle around 200,000 kilometers, most people replace their hoses at that point.

  • You might have a faulty fan controller module

The radiator fan is controlled by a separate module in Mini Coopers. Sometimes this module may fail, causing problems with the fan. This issue is especially prevalent in automobiles, where the fan controller module is exposed to dust and corrosion.

It is not common for radiator fans to run continuously for extended periods of time, as this may cause them to die prematurely and drain your car battery. If you have a few car repair skills, you can fix the problem yourself by following the steps in this article. However, it's often best to have a professional mechanic inspect and repair this problem. However, hiring a mechanic can be beneficial if you simply do not have the time to work on your car yourself.

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