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Why does my Mercedes vibrate when I accelerate?

Why does my Mercedes vibrate when I accelerate?

When you accelerate, your car may shake for a number of reasons. The origin of the vibrations is frequently a relatively minor problem that, if not addressed quickly enough, could develop into a much larger and more expensive failure.

  • Inner CV Joint Damage

When the inner CV joint is compromised or starts to fail, your automobile will start to vibrate when accelerating quickly. When under strain, the light vibrations worsen and become violent shaking. Metal on metal contact eventually leads to failure if it is not properly lubricated. The CV joint or the complete CV axle must be replaced as a solution.

  • Faulty wheel alignment

No matter whether you are stopping, accelerating, or maintaining a constant speed, alignment problems will result in persistent vehicle vibration. You could notice that your car lists to the left or right when you try to drive straight. Reduced efficiency, uneven tire wear, or even the necessity to hold the steering wheel at an angle are further negative effects.

  • Loosened lug nuts

The lugs could eventually become completely loose if they are not tightened, and your wheel could possibly come off while you are driving. You don't want it to happen, needless to say. Don't forget to check that the lug nut size is proper as well.

  • Faulty Brake Caliper

Vibrations in the car may result from a defective brake caliper on a wheel that sticks. In this case, as you approach 40 to 50 miles per hour, the steering wheel will start to tremble. You'll experience worsening vibrations if you keep increasing your pace. You'll probably detect a burning-like smell coming from the car when you stop.

  • Damaged motor mountings

Your car's shaking when accelerating may be caused by damaged engine mounts. This may happen if even one of the motor mounts is damaged, which would place more strain on the remaining mounts. One approach to stop vibration during acceleration is to replace damaged motor mounts.

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