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Why does my Mercedes say system suspended?

Why does my Mercedes say system suspended?

The notice "System suspended" displays if ATTENTION ASSIST is unable to determine the attention level and cannot provide a warning. When the engine is running, the assistance graphic in the Instrument Display displays the sign if ATTENTION ASSIST is disabled. When focus slips or signs of fatigue are noticed, the ATTENTION ASSIST: Take a break! The instrument display shows a warning. The message can be acknowledged, and if required, a break can be taken. At least 15 minutes will pass before you receive another warning if you do not take a break and ATTENTION ASSIST continues to identify increasing attention gaps. There are 2 reasons and 2 uses why this happens that we can enumerate below.


1.  To absorb the shock of driving on roads

The Mercedes- Benz's suspension has various uses. One of these is to lessen the impact of traveling on damaged roads. Even when the vehicle hits large potholes or drives over bumps, the suspension will dampen the shock and keep the occupants comfortable.

2. for the system to improve the safety 

The technology also makes the automobile safer by ensuring that the wheels stay on the ground even when there is a significant bump on the road and by keeping the car from sliding around corners. This is made feasible by the circumstance that when an automobile turns a corner, one side of the vehicle gets lower than the other. The angular momentum that pulls on the automobile in an exponential way is what causes this falling.


1. Because of a blown fuse

The suspension system might potentially malfunction due to a blown fuse. The fuse allows the Mercedes system to operate, thus when it blows, the system may not work properly or may continue to operate long after it has completed its task.

2.  Leakage in the air strut

Leaks in the air strut are another factor in the Mercedes System's failure. The struts are susceptible to wear and tear over time, so eventually they can start to leak. The vehicle will descend on the side where the leaky strut has happened. Additionally, the pipes that transport compressed air may develop leaks.

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