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Why does my Mercedes say check coolant level?

Why does my Mercedes say check coolant level?

You are low on coolant if you receive this alert. To make it go away, you only need to top out your coolant. To be safe, it's crucial to look for any coolant leaks, just in case your Mercedes loses coolant.

  • Your coolant tank's sensor may just be broken

On occasionally, the Mercedes’ sensor may display a low coolant alert. The coolant tank needs to be changed in order to fix a malfunctioning level sensor. A highly unlikely option is that the coolant level sensor wires are shorted or connected loosely to the engine connection harness.

  • Inspect your radiator hoses, radiator, and coolant tank or reservoir

The most frequent problems are radiator hoses since they might deteriorate over time. They frequently show symptoms of deterioration such as swelling, fissures, strange softness, or holes. The most frequent reason for an external coolant leak is small holes in your radiator hoses or poor connections between the hoses and the cooling system.

  • Faulty Radiator Cap

A defective radiator cap cannot seal properly, allowing coolant to flow past the seals and evaporate. If your overflow reservoir is pressured, examine the overflow reservoir as well as the area close to the radiator cap for steam.

  • You might have a blown head gasket

When your engine overheats due to insufficient engine coolant, a blown head gasket might happen, which is both highly common and not particularly amusing. The combustion process in the engine chamber must be sealed by the head gasket. It permits coolant and oil to circulate through the system separately. This seal permits the combustion process to proceed unabatedly in order to produce the required propulsion power, while harmful emissions are routed directly out through the exhaust as intended.

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