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Why does my Jaguar say the battery is not charging?


Why does my Jaguar say the battery is not charging?

You ever just want to go out on a road trip one day, and you charge your Jaguar to prepare for the trip but then suddenly you notice that it’s not charging? This is a very common problem when it comes to dealing with electric cars.

Here are some reasons why your Jaguar isn’t charging:

  • You have a bad battery.

This is the first thing that you or your trusted mechanic should always check. This can be checked by using a voltmeter. Check if your battery can be charged and if your battery can subsequently hold that charge. If not, you may need to replace your battery ASAP.

  • You may have alternator issues.

If you checked your battery and it doesn’t seem to be faulty then your Jaguar’s alternator would most likely be the cause. You can check if your alternator has issues by checking if there’s a battery warning light on your dashboard, or you hear a “whining” or “screeching” sound when you start up your Jaguar. If this is what you notice, let your mechanic check.

  • You have blown a fuse.

You can find your Jaguar’s fuse box typically on the right-side A pillar that is located near the fascia. To open this fuse box, use a tool to unclip and remove the rearward edge of the fuse box panel, and afterwards pull to remove.

If you see that your fuse box has blown, this may be the cause of your Jaguar’s battery not charging.

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