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Why does my BMW shake when I start it?

Why does my BMW shake when I start it?

BMW has a reputation for luxury, sports cars, and an array of other luxury vehicles. However, it is also known for its reliability and ability to maneuver in adverse conditions. A common problem that many BMWs owners experience is the shaking during startup. Know the common reasons why your BMW experience shaking during startups.

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4 Common Reasons why your BMW is shaking during startups

  1. Faulty Spark Plugs 

Inefficiently working spark plugs result in an uneven fuel burn in the engine, causing the RPMs to fluctuate and the noise to get louder. Additionally, while idling or moving at a slow speed, your vehicle may vibrate more intensely. The entire car may shake as a result of these vibrations, which come from the engine.

  1. Damaged Fuel Injectors

A damaged fuel injector will prevent the matching cylinder from firing. As a result, the engine will tremble as it struggles to complete each cycle without enough gasoline.

  1. Bad Motor Mounts

There's a good probability the motor mount is to blame if your car vibrates a lot during startups and while driving. A rubber seal frequently only needs to be replaced.

  1. Failing Timing Chain

The timing chain may be wearing out if it is shaking or vibrating more than usual. Of course, there are other issues that could result in harsh idling, but it's always worthwhile to investigate the issue since it usually gets worse over time.

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