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Who are the best auto mechanics in Oceanside, CA?

Each year we here at Oceanside Motorsports help thousands of clients with their automotive maintenance and auto repair needs. Since we’re used as a reference and guide for many in the industry we are commonly asked the question “who are the good mechanics in Oceanside and who can I trust to repair my car?”

Being that our main focus it to be honest and informative we’ve put together a list of some other very reputable mechanics in Oceanside –

Lael’s International Auto Services – I remember working with Lael over 10 years ago. While I was working at another shop down the street he offered help when I needed it on hard diagnostics and work needing speciality equipment. He runs one of the most advanced diagnostic shops around and there is typically nothing he can’t figure out. So if you’re in need of any tough automotive diagnostics, he would be a good choice.


North County Auto Service – We’ve heard good things about these guys too! Again these guys specialize in good old fashioned honest auto repair work. They’re a mechanic with great reviews online and have been a mechanic in Oceanside for many many years.


Gearheads – Gearheads is a small shop buried deep in the industrial area on Oceanside Blvd. They are quick, cheap, and efficient. We haven’t had the pleasure to meet them yet but people seem to like them based on their online reviews of their auto shop.


U Fix It Automotive – We love this shop!!! Feel like you want to tackle an auto repair on your own!? Need to prove you still have that special touch!? U fix it will rent you a bay with a lift, tools, and all the info needed to take care of any repair needed on your car. Take on a little more than you could chew? No worries, They’ve got a mechanic on site that can help get it all wrapped up for you.


TNT Services – TNT services specializes in Toyota, Lexus, Honda, and Acura auto repair. They’ve been around since well before we opened Oceanside Motorsports and they’ve been an awesome supporter of us as we’ve grown. I’ve sent my Mom’s Toyota Prius to them for service and they’ve done a stellar job with every interaction


Lifetime Automotive – Now we’ve cheated a little bit here because this is our sister shop. Located next door to Oceanside Motorsports, Lifetime Automotive specializes in preventative maintenance for all makes and models including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru. Lifetime Automotive takes a revolutionary approach to automotive maintenance by working with you to preventatively maintain your vehicle instead of just fixing it when it brakes which is typically more expensive – crazy idea huh?

Here’s the catch – They’re a speakeasy shop that doesn’t even have a front door. They specialize in almost 100% valet auto service where they conveniently pick up your car from you, leave a loaner, service your vehicle, and bring it back nice and clean. We dare you to give this one a shot.


Mastertech Automotive – Mastertech Automotive is one of those shops where you can tell they’ve been an Oceanside local since well before the 80’s. They’ve got the equipment to do alignments on motorhomes and big trucks and have a very kind shuttle driver.


Jorge Alonso Auto Repair Oceanside – Jorge Alonso is a long time neighbor and friend of Oceanside Motorsports. He loves Amsoil lubricants which is considered one of the best synthetic oils around and focuses on providing some of the best customer service around. We see him working on a lot of heavy duty diesel trucks and fleet services. He is also a fellow dog lover so we get along on that topic as well.


Conover Tires Wheels and Service Inc – Conover is another shop we’ve been privileged to work with many times in the past. They are involved in some of the same top notch industry training programs that we are and make a personal customer service experience. They have a really nice waiting room with a big screen TV and their own restaurant attached to their shop! They so anything from heavy engine work to brake jobs on all makes and models.


Konig Motorsports – These guys have helped us with some hard Audi and Porsche diagnostics in the past. They work on some super cool high performance race cars and have a very clean and organized shop.


German Autowerke – German Autowerke is run by an old school German guy named Hans. He knows what he’s doing with BMW and Mercedes and has a true passion for repairing German cars. They’ve been open since 1989 and they do a great job of running their simple two-man shop.


So there’s 11 choices for you to get your car repaired or oil changed. Feel free to give us a call, email, or text with any questions about how we can help you with your car!

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