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What is Mercedes Service A?

Mercedes-Benz has a few unique names for their services that are expected at factory service intervals. One of these services is the Mercedes-Benz Service A.

Do I need Mercedes Service A?

A car manufacturer will set certain factory recommended service intervals for the cars that they build. The factory service intervals are based on the ‘best practice’ scheduled times to service or replace certain components on your vehicle. The reason for servicing these car parts is to make sure that they are getting fixed and refreshed before they have a chance to break. Hence the importance of service and maintenance, rather than a repair. Service A and Service B are Mercedes’s scheduled service intervals to ensure that your Mercedes stays in optimal condition.

According to the factory, a Mercedes ‘Service A’ should be performed at approximately 10,000 miles or at the first year of ownership.

Service A Items

A Mercedes Service A consists of a few important service items such as engine oil and oil filter replacement, fluid level checks and corrections if needed, tire inflation check and correction if needed, as well as a brake inspection and the resetting of the maintenance indicator.

Following this service, Mercedes recommends Mercedes Service B which occurs every other year in alignment with the Mercedes Service A.

Why Follow Service A Schedule

While we think it is great that Mercedes has these regular factory scheduled maintenance intervals for their customers to follow. Routine service and maintenance will ensure that your vehicle will stay healthy and on the road for as long as possible.

We take things a step further with our Mercedes-Benz service. We do free full vehicle inspections at every visit. Things like brakes, bushings, oil leaks, and more are all inspected to ensure that your vehicle is safe and functioning properly for years to come.

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