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What Is BMW xDrive?

If you're a BMW owner, you may have heard of xDrive. But what exactly is xDrive and how does it work? Keep reading to find out!

What is xDrive?

xDrive is BMW's all-wheel drive system, which was first introduced in 2001. The system uses a front-to-rear torque split, which provides enhanced traction and stability in various driving conditions, including slippery or uneven terrain.

Features of xDrive

Intelligent AWD
One of the key features of xDrive is its intelligent all-wheel drive system. The system constantly scans driving conditions and modifies torque distribution to optimize performance and ensure maximum traction for the driver.

Dynamic Stability Control
xDrive is also equipped with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), which is a system that detects when the BMW is losing traction and automatically applies brakes to individual wheels to maintain stability.

Hill Descent Control
Another feature of xDrive is Hill Descent Control, which helps drivers navigate steep or slippery slopes. The system applies brakes automatically to maintain a safe speed, allowing drivers to focus on steering and maintaining control.

Operating Principle of xDrive

Since the system is constantly monitoring driving conditions and adjusts torque distribution accordingly, it can do smart things. For example, if the rear wheels lose traction, xDrive will automatically transfer more torque to the front wheels to ensure maximum traction and stability.

In more demanding driving conditions, such as snow, ice, or off-road terrain, xDrive can transfer up to 100% of power to either the front or rear wheels, depending on which wheels have the most traction.

At our auto repair shop, we can help you maintain and repair your BMW xDrive system to ensure that it's running smoothly and providing optimal performance. Please call or visit Oceanside Motorsports for the best BMW repairs.

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