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What Happens If I Don’t Get An Oil Change?


If you are wondering if you need to do an Oil Service on your vehicle as often as you are told to, or even at all, the answer is, YES. We are an Auto Repair shop in Oceanside 92058 that specializes in Oil Service for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and more. If you are looking for an Oil Change Near Me, we can help!

We made quite the discovery when Replacing A Valve Cover Gasket on this BMW and found an unhealthy amount of sludge that had built up inside of the engine. If you don’t change your oil often, or at all, this is one problem that can occur. While it may be easy to Forget To Change Your Oil on time, this repeated negligence can ultimately lead to complete engine failure. When Oil Service intervals are extended (or forgotten about) alongside a lower quality of oil, buildup inside of the engine will continue to grow and expand. Once this carbon and sludge buildup continues on, it will end up in places that it does not belong.

The solution for this situation is to clean out as much of the buildup as possible manually, and then to perform an Oil Change Near Me every 1,000 miles alongside some of our Premium Oil Service products in order to help clear this junk out of its system! We use an EPR cleaner from BG Products that helps to remove contaminants in your oil and engine and help restore your engine back to an acceptable level.

As a best practice, we recommend a BMW and Audi Oil Service every 5,000 miles for Turbocharged cars, and 7,500 miles for cars with no turbos. Performing a frequent Oil Service will not only protect your engine and help save you money in the long run, but an Oil Change Nearby will also help your car Get Better MPGs and Increase Engine Performance.

If you are still asking yourself, ‘ How Often Should I Change My Oil ’ you should contact us to learn more!


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