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Is your Tesla Model S's door handle damaged?

When you unlock the door, does it not come out? Can you open the door by tugging on the handle? This is a regular issue with the door handles that automatically retract. Your door handle has to be fixed in that situation. For many early owners, the sudden failure of Tesla Model S self-presenting door handles as a result of component failure is a frequent and frequently infuriating occurrence.

Particularly on the earlier models of the Tesla Model S, which are increasingly out of warranty, the door handle frequently breaks on these vehicles. These are the common instances that you may encounter. You may hear a clunking sound and the handle does not present and it remains flush with the door and is possibly slightly lifted. Another is when the door handle seems normal, but when you pull it, the door does not open. Lastly, the door handle design has seen numerous changes from Tesla, and while there have been some improvements, it still seems to be a problem for some owners. While it is rare, some owners have had up to 10 new door handles across the four doors of the car.

The Model S door handles are spring to close and are presented by a little motor with a geared paddle. Unfortunately, the version 1 paddle gear was brittle and was prone to failure, with the cog or paddle coming free as a result of the round component that sits on the spindle breaking. Depending on how it fails specifically, the door handle may occasionally twist and protrude somewhat from the bodywork, or it may simply fall inside the handle mechanism.

Aside from that, the door handle is sprung, so you may keep your fingers in it even as it closes. Your fingers may feel a slight pinch, but no serious harm should come to you because the handle is being pulled shut by a spring, not a motor. People frequently fear when the handle begins to close and rapidly take their fingers out, which can pinch the tips and cause more discomfort from shock than actual pain.

Here at Oceanside Motorsports, we can get your Tesla door handle fixed or replaced. Our Tesla mechanics are experienced enough to eliminate this hassle.

Is your door handle not retracting?

A spring causes the door handle to retract; the door handle is only motorized when it is being presented. The handle will remain extended if anything limits it in addition to the force of the spring, including your fingers. One of two issues is this barrier. Either the wiring loom inside the door handle has moved and the handle is catching on it. This may be resolved simply by securing the wiring loom back in place, or a new, longer wiring loom may be installed; the installation procedures are the same for failed door locks. The paddle gear may malfunction, move out of place, or otherwise limit motion. Alternately, the problem could be that the door handle is improperly put and is snagging on the housing or a piece of the door itself. This issue can be resolved without using any parts by adjusting the door handle's installation. As an alternative to this, the cog may have jammed the location in the open position if it has broken.

Should I replace or repair?

What is the cost of repairing a Tesla door handle? A Tesla door handle that is not covered by a warranty will cost close to $900 to fix. It is challenging to repair on your own because it requires a thorough technical handbook to troubleshoot, and then purchasing the required parts could be challenging. You can attempt realigning the wiring loom you currently have rather than purchasing and installing a new one. Because you wouldn't be installing new components, your cost will be $0. If the handle was recently replaced, you will need to unscrew and reassemble it since it's possible that the housing is what is grabbing onto the handle and preventing it from closing.

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