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While the BMW E46 is one of the best models that BMW ever produced, these cars have a known common issue with the body of the car cracking where the rear subframe meets the rear axle carrier panel.  This problem has been known to happen to BMW E46 325i, 328i, 330i, 330ci, and M3 models E46 SUBFRAME PROBLEM The subframe is attached to what’s known as the rear axle carrier panel at four main points.  The rear subframe holds the rear differential and trailing arms all together.  Over the years, you will begin to get cracks in the area where the subframe is connected to the body of the car. BMW E46 rear subframes begin to fail for a few reasons.  Because of the way that the torque is delivered from the gas pedal, to the rear differential, and then to the wheels, the mounting areas, and the bushings within them will eventually begin to wear.  Bushing failure can be very common.  It will all start with play in the differential, a 100lb ... read more


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