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The Pitfalls of Low Oil Pressure

The Pitfalls of Low Oil Pressure

Are experiencing Low Oil Pressure on your car? STOP! Low oil pressure can be a very serious problem and should be taken seriously. While an oil light can display low oil pressure, in some cases it can also be an indication of low oil level. In order to distinguish between low oil pressure and low oil level, check the oil level of their engine before proceeding any further. If you have plenty of oil on your dipstick, this could indicate low oil pressure throughout the engine. If you are unsure, then seek help by calling a local mechanic before proceeding any further. Low Oil Pressure Warnings Low oil pressure can be indicated by a number of signs. One sign is by a light on your dashboard. On some older cars there may not be a low oil pressure light to display low oil pressure. However, on most newer cars there should be a warning or indication of some kind that will illuminate if the engine’s oil pressure has dropped below an acceptable amount. Low oil pressure means that your e ... read more


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