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Fluid services and why they are important

Oil service­­ – This is not just a drain and refill, this is our chance to go over the vehicle that has been on the road for the past six months. In that amount of time there are a lot of things that can arise without any warning at all. Identifying with the possible failures before they occur is much less costly and avoids surprises, for example, engine damage due to overheating, tow trucks and the inconvenience of having the vehicle control your day. On top off verifying your vehicle is safe to drive we service it with the best products available from the fully synthetic european engine oil and original equipment oil filter we install. The engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle which is why we put in the best oil. The Europeans have a much higher standard for oil than the states do which is why we use it. Not only does the oil eliminate a lot of consumption concerns we see, it also does not break down as fast providing better lub ... read more



Diagnosis and why it is important

When your check engine light comes on, usually the first thought is “oh great, now what?” If the vehicle is still driving the same usually the light is ignored until it is necessary to have repaired, for example, a smog test needed for registration purposes which will be failed if the check engine light is on. Here at Oceanside Motorsports we offer a complimentary fault code scan of the engine control module. With this complimentary service we will be able to inform you of the faults stored and the recommended course of action. For most of the faults stored a diagnosis is recommended. I know what you are thinking, “you already scanned the light and received fault codes.” The faults stored are simply a general guide as to which system is being affected. For example, fault p0301­cylinder number one misfire, this relates to incomplete combustion, usually accompanied by a rough running condition. There are many components that could be causing this problem. Do ... read more


Auto Diagnosis
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