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What Are Turbo Coolant Lines?

What Are Turbo Coolant Lines?

  Turbo coolant lines are designed to do exactly what they sound like they would do. They help retain cooler temperatures for the turbo on your car by rerouting coolant through a constant feed and return cycle. Over time, these rubber connecting Turbo hoses can dry out. They will eventually crack and leak coolant since they are constantly being exposed to extremely hot temperatures both internally and externally. It can be commonplace for these Turbo Coolant Hoses to leak for a very long time without any noticeable signs.  This is because the hoses lie beneath a cover, and the coolant will usually dissipate when contacting the hot engine before it can become a visible issue. Applications The Turbo Coolant Lines that we typically come across are found on the S63 and N63 BMW engines. The ‘Hot V Configuration,’ can be found on a variety of BMW V8 cars such as some 5-series and 7-series cars, along with models such as the X5, X6, M5, and M ... read more


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